Weaving Tutorial

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Weaving Hem Stitch 1.jpg
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Weaving Tutorial


You have a (portable) weaving loom and you have questions. Come in for a weaving tutorial and get help. We know YouTube is great but sometimes you just need a real weaver to talk to.

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What It's All About

You've got a portable weaving loom and you've got questions. YouTube videos just aren't cutting it anymore. Come in and get help from a real weaver! We've set up a weaving tutorial with an excellent and experienced instructor. Bring in your assembled loom and get some hands-on help. For example, you might have questions about estimating yarn requirements for your project, getting your loom warped or taking your project off the loom. You might have questions about how to execute certain weaving stitches or questions about tension, dpi, neatening your edges, weaving tools and finishing your work. This is a group tutorial session, so you'll be able to chat with others about their looms and hear others' questions and the answers/assistance given. Our instructor will move from person to person, giving assistance and may ask you to partner up with another person if there's a mutual benefit. 

Please note: this is not a weaving workshop; there is no set curriculum and no objectives other than to assist with a variety of questions from a small group of people.

Our weaving instructor is Kim McCollum. She is a Studio Arts graduate from Wake Forest University (WFU) in North Carolina.  Kim has been experimenting with weaving and textile arts for the last 4 years and loves sharing the techniques and tools she uses with other creatives!  Kim uses a combination of traditional and modern techniques to create unique woven pieces. When she is not weaving she is painting, making pottery, building furniture, or taking photographs! See Kim’s work at www.theslowlifestudio.com or follow along on instagram @slowlifestudio. 

Skill Level

You don't have to have any previous experience with weaving. You do need to have access to a pre-assembled and portable loom, though. See below.

Please bring:

  • your weaving loom. Your loom must be portable (i.e. you can carry it up our staircase to the mezzanine level and work with it on a table) AND your loom must be assembled. If you need help building your loom, please contact Cynthia.
  • your weaving tools (shuttles, hooks, warping pegs/board, clamps, etc.) 
  • yarn for weaving. If you need help with this, come and see us prior to the tutorial. We can help!

Other important info that you should know about...

  • You have to pay the registration fee in advance to hold your seat. You can pay online or call the store at 780-477-9276 to make a payment over the phone.

  • This workshop may be held on our mezzanine level which is roomy but only accessible by stairs. If you have mobility issues and can't manage the stairs, please contact Cynthia: cynthia@rivercityyarns.com.

  • Cancellations? We know you have every intention of coming, but life happens, so we need a cancellation policy, and this is it: 

    • If you cancel 7 days (or more) prior to your workshop date, we will refund your registration fee less a $25 administration & service fee. 
    • No refunds will be made if you have to cancel less than 7 days before your class is scheduled to begin. If you are unable to attend, you may ask a friend to take your place.
    • If minimum enrolment is not met we reserve the right to cancel the class. A full refund of your registration fee will be given should this situation arise. 
  • Questions, comments, concerns, suggestions? Please contact cynthia@rivercityyarns.com
  • Private group or individual sessions are also available. For information please Cynthia (see above).