Knitting Continental Style

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Knitting Continental Style


Switch it up! You already know how to knit and purl and now you're ready to try out a different style to improve your efficiency (and increase your speed). You may find some ergonomic benefits as well, when you learn to knit Continental style.

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What It's All About

You know how to knit and purl but you've heard there's another and (dare we say it...) faster method? Some call it "picking" and others refer to is as the "Continental style" but most would agree that just the simple switch to holding your yarn in your left hand can make a big difference in your speed and efficiency. Being faster may not be the most important reason to switch styles; being more ambidextrous with your knitting can relieve repetitive strain injury. You'll also be ahead of the curve if you want to learn stranded colour work (and work with one colour in each hand!)  

In this two part class, we'll show you how to knit and purl in the Continental style and complete two small projects that will give you lots of practice with this new method. We'll start you off with a swatch that you can turn into a wristwarmer and finish up with a pair of mittens. In addition to tensioning the yarn in your left hand, you'll also learn how to execute the knit and purl stitches and work increases and decreases in this style. If you are naturally left-handed, you'll find this class liberating! You bring the needles and we'll provide the instruction, patterns and the yarn!

Skill Level

This class has been designed for advanced beginners, intermediate and experienced knitters. You should be comfortable working in the round on double pointed needles, one long circular or two circulars as you prefer. 

Please bring:

  • 3.75mm and 4.5mm needles (dpns, one long circular (40"/100cm) or two circulars depending on your favourite method) for knitting in the round. If using dpns, please bring 2 point protectors to the first class.

  • one locking stitch marker


  • Four hours of instruction;

  • Yarn for your workshop projects; and

  • Two patterns to complete and practice your new, very ambidextrous skills!

Other important info that you should know about...

  • You have to pay the registration fee in advance to hold your seat. You can pay online or call the store at 780-477-9276 to make a payment over the phone.

  • This workshop may be held on our mezzanine level which is roomy but only accessible by stairs. If you have mobility issues and can't manage the stairs, please contact Cynthia:

  • Cancellations? We know you have every intention of coming, but life happens, so we need a cancellation policy, and this is it: 

    • If you cancel 7 days (or more) prior to your workshop date, we will refund your registration fee less a $25 administration & service fee.

    • No refunds will be made if you have to cancel less than 7 days before your class is scheduled to begin. If you are unable to attend, you may ask a friend to take your place.

    • If minimum enrolment is not met we reserve the right to cancel the class. A full refund of your registration fee will be given should this situation arise.

  • Questions, comments, concerns, suggestions? Please contact

  • Private group or individual sessions are also available. For information please Cynthia (see above).