I'm Barb.

I began River City Yarns in the fall of 2002, selling felted handbags, yarn, and teddy bears with Sheila P. in a small 10 x 10 booth in a market downtown. We grew quickly, and in 2004 we moved to the Royal Alex area which was home for the next eight years. My inspiration has always been Kaffe Fassett – he takes anything – pottery, yarn, paint or fabric and transforms it into artwork. My favourite yarn is wool – all of it – the springy bounce of merino, the sturdy course feel of a tweedy Shetland, and I must say I am drawn to blues and greens. When not knitting, I love to travel and spend time relaxing with my husband, the kids, and grandkids.

I'm Cynthia.

I left the corporate world in 2006 to join my sister and business partner, Barb, at River City Yarns. People thought I was crazy to leave a "good job" to sell yarn. Every day, though, someone walks through the door needing my help... to fix a stitch, to find a yarn, to pick a project. I'm inspired by all the great fibre artists that come into the store every day. When I'm not in the store, I like to visit with friends and family (and knit) and travel (and knit). I'm a big fan of audiobooks because I can combine reading with, you guessed it: knitting!

I'm Amaris.

I've been working at River City Yarns since December 2014. My love for yarn began when I was 11 years old when I had just learned how to crochet. A couple of years later, I learned how to knit. It was a gradual transition between the two crafts and now I find myself knitting most of the time. I love knitting socks and have recently started venturing into sweater knitting. I tend to gravitate towards sock yarn in dark blues or burgundies. When I'm not at the store, I like to watch TV shows or hang out with my friends. Wherever I go, I always bring knitting!


I'm Cindy.

I've been working at River City Yarns since January 2013. My paternal baba taught me to knit when I was really young. Learning new things is what I like best about knitting. My favourite colour of yarn is... wait, just one colour?! Green, because it's my daughter's favourite colour and I especially enjoy knitting for her. There are many wonderful fibres to create with and my favourite has always been wool. When I'm not knitting, I love watching movies with my husband and playing with my daughter.

I'm Debbie.

I've been part of the RCY staff since 2009, when the shop was first located downtown. I love being part of the RCY ladies! I enjoy teaching both new and existing knitters something new — it's so great to see people excited about their new skill! What inspires me to knit? Judging by my stash, I would have to say colour. There seems to be a common theme!


I'm Jennifer.

I've been working for River City Yarns since 2007 (with time out to start a family). I love coming into the store because it is so inspiring! There is so much yarn to see and touch, and so many projects, from store samples to customer works-in-progress. My favourite thing about being an RCY employee is spending time with other fibre enthusiasts, co-workers and customers alike. I am a knitter, and usually gravitate towards sweater patterns, and I am hard pressed to resist a yarn with cashmere or silk in it. 

Your staff are the best. I feel like I’ve known them all my life when I see them.
— Kathleen R.


I'm Jan.

I've been teaching at River City Yarns since 2013. My favourite designers are Lucy Neatby and Cat Bordhi — they're exceptional teachers and are very inspiring. My favourite colours are vibrant blues and teals, and alpaca is my favourite yarn. When I'm not knitting, I'm reading. Although, if my spinning wheel was set up, that would be up there too!

I'm Jane-Anne.

After working for a bank for 40 years, I was finally able to fulfill my dream of learning to knit. I came to River City Yarns to take lessons and fell in love with the craft. I have now been working with River City Yarns for 7 years! As I like to say, "I am the oldest employee and the newest knitter!" My favourite yarns are mohair and alpaca, and I prefer the smaller projects. I'm an animal lover, so when I'm not knitting, I love spending time with my dog, CoCo.


I'm Janet.

I've worked at River City Yarns since September 2016. River City Yarns taught me how to knit after we moved to Edmonton ten years ago. I love to knit accessories, with shawls and socks being at the top of my favourites list. Blue and Purple yarns are amazing, but I enjoy neutral colours to wear. The best thing about working at RCY is the customers. Helping people pick their next project or problem solving is very rewarding.

I'm Sheila M.

I began my journey with River City Yarns in 2011. I absolutely LOVE anything and everything Churchmouse. When not knitting, I can usually be found at Edmonton Oilers games. I also love travelling to my two favourite places: Seattle and Victoria.

Sheila P.jpg

I'm Sheila P.

I started with Barb at the very beginning at the original shop at Royal Alex Place in 2004. I love the colours, textures, and manipulating the beautiful selection of yarns that we carry in the store. I love working with all types of yarns, merinos, alpaca, silk, bamboo. Working here (although I can`t really call it work) has been so therapeutic, especially in the winter. Both Barb and Cynthia have been a dream to "work" with! I love meeting new knitters and thoroughly enjoy showing them the fabulous array of yarn and accessories. It really is a great place to unwind.


I'm Suzanne.

I began as part of the River City Yarns staff team in the fall of 2015. I have been knitting for about 8 years. Knitting has also lead me to other fibre arts, such as felting and some weaving. I love the fibre and all its endless possibilities! My favourite quote is,

"Creativity is intelligence having fun!"
– Albert Einstein


I'm Aya.

I began my journey with RCY in 2012 as a freelance photographer and officially joined the team in 2016 as a photographer/social media manager. What I like about working with RCY is that I get to know the fibre craft community. People in this community are kind, inspiring, and  welcoming, both on the internet and in person.

I mostly knit (I crochet a little bit too), and I like knitting sweaters, cardigans and socks.


I'm Sabrina.

I started working at River City Yarns in March of 2016. I am a craft maniac and need to join Yarnaholics Anonymous. Besides knitting and crocheting, I enjoy all things creative from painting and drawing to yarn dying and all things in between. My favourite things to create are knitted socks and crochet amigurumi.

I love all aspects of working at River City Yarns, but the things I love the most are inspiring and being inspired by customers and spending my days surrounded by colour and creativeness. There's a soft spot in my heart for doing the mail orders that come in, packaging their yarn goodies with some freebies knowing that when they open that package, I've made their day.


I'm Andrew.

I began working at RCY in October 2017 and have been knitting for 3 years. My favourite things to knit are socks, shawls, and sweaters. When I’m not at the store, I am usually teaching piano or knitting. As a musician, knitting has given me another creative outlet, and I love having a finished object to admire and wear. I love being a part of the RCY teams as the token male knitter!