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ARNE & CARLOS at River City Yarns!

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We’re so excited to announce that ARNE & CARLOS, the internationally renowned Scandinavian design team, will be coming to Edmonton for an exclusive engagement with River City Yarns. We will open up registration for all the events with ARNE & CARLOS at 10:00 am MST on Sunday, July 28, 2019.

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Start off your ARNE & CARLOS event planning with an evening talk: “Using the Old to Inspire the New”. This talk will take place at the Hilton Doubletree Edmonton in one of their lovely banquet rooms. You’ll be invited to a pre-talk cocktail and have an opportunity for a short Q & A after the talk. Get inspired!

“Using the Old to Inspire the New”: A talk with ARNE & CARLOS on the evening of Monday, November 4

ARNE & CARLOS find inspiration everywhere; it could be from meeting an interesting person to their garden, or a great flea market find. They have found inspiration in the attics of old houses, in books, on postcards, and from old knitting patterns. Through experience gained from working alongside Scandinavia's most respected knitters, many of whom still use centuries-old techniques, ARNE & CARLOS seek to preserve tradition while creating pieces that are fresh and modern.

Then plan on taking in one of the four classes being taught by this fabulous duo. The workshops will all take place at the Silverbirch Conference Centre at the Hilton Doubletree Edmonton, a great conference centre within walking distance of River City Yarns. In addition to spending 3 hours with ARNE & CARLOS, the workshops will include breakfast or lunch, beverages and snacks! It’s your opportunity to take a break and retreat! The seats in each workshop are limited and our special guests are only here for a few days. Don’t be disappointed if your first choice in workshop is sold out; register for a different one (they’re all great!) and ask to have your name added to a cancellation list we’ll keep for each event.

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Workshop Schedule:

Knitting & Purling the Norwegian Way (3 hours): Tuesday, November 5 morning session

The Norwegian knitting style focuses on shifting the tensioning of the yarn from the finger and on to the needle. This is done by minimizing the distance between the yarn, the needle and left index finger. By holding the yarn as close as possible to the needle and picking from the finger you will never have to think about tensioning the yarn correctly, as all you need to do is knit or purl and the tension will come automatically! When you knit the Norwegian way, you will also be able to better relax the muscles in your neck, shoulder, arms and hands. In that sense, Norwegian style knitting is actually much more ergonomic than many other ways of knitting. And finally, there is one more added bonus of knitting the Norwegian way: you will increase the speed of your knitting dramatically! In this class, ARNE & CARLOS will teach you the basics of knitting and purling the Norwegian way, as we knit a hat using chunky yarn.

An Introduction to Norwegian Stranded Colourwork (3 hours): Tuesday, November 5 afternoon session

Norwegian stranded colour work is all about tension. In this class, you will learn the basics of Norwegian style stranded knitting with 2 colours from expert Nordic knitters ARNE & CARLOS, who will show you the easiest and most relaxing way to hold the needles and the yarns, and teach you important techniques and tricks that will help you achieve perfect tension while keeping all of your stitches even and beautiful, in true Norwegian style! We will work with bulky yarn and thick needles and practice our colour work techniques while knitting a hat with the traditional X and O pattern, which is the easiest Norwegian pattern that you could possibly work with. Whether you are an inexperienced or experienced knitter, if you have ever wanted to learn how to knit stranded colour work as it is done in the Norway and the other Nordic countries, by master knitters who come from that part of the world, this is the class for you!

Knitted Birds (3 hours): Wednesday, November 6 morning session:

We all deserve a flock of our own! Learn to knit a covey of feathered friends in this introductory class exploring the basic tenets of the knitted bird, a charming, quiet, and extraordinarily clean species comfortable in all manner of domesticated scenarios. Scandinavian design superstars ARNE & CARLOS provide expert guidance for intermediate and advanced knitters with an interest in hatching their own handmade avian companions. You’ll learn the fundamental steps from beak to feet to tail, leaving you well prepared to spread your wings and explore the possibilities all on your own. In addition, ARNE & CARLOS will teach you how to knit and purl the Norwegian way. Plus, they’ll share their tips for the easiest method of tensioning yarn correctly to get even stitches and perfect gauge, whether knitting or purling. And you’ll learn how to read a chart, so you don’t have to rely on the written pattern! Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn the art of the knitted bird, as well as essential knitting techniques, from the very best in the business.

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Christmas Balls (3 hours): Wednesday, November 6 afternoon session:

Christmas is a special time for those who live in the north. Winters are dark and cold, so people spend a lot of time sitting by the warm stove with some handwork. ARNE & CARLOS have a particular weakness for that time of year. With techniques, patterns, and sources of inspiration fondly shared by the designers, ARNE & CARLOS will outright charm you! Their knitting antics are the perfect recipe for holiday décor that is colourful and festive, whatever your skill level.