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Brooklyn Tweed "Peerie" Trunk Show

We’re so excited to bring to Edmonton, a beautiful trunk show of garments and accessories from our friends at Brooklyn Tweed. This show will feature 4 designs (one design in six colourways!) using BT Peerie. Peerie is a fingering-weight yarn from Merino sheep grown and raised in the USA. Merino sheep have a fine (think soft!) and dense fleece. Peerie is the softest yarn (20.5 microns) in the BT lineup!

Worsted-spun in Springvale, Maine at Jagger Brothers, Peerie is smooth, strong, and full of lively bounce. Its 4-ply construction enhances luster and lends a polished hand to cabled or textured fabrics. Peerie also beckons to be worked into open lace motifs or snug stockinette for equally beautiful fabrics destined for daily use or heirloom pieces.

Peerie is dyed in Saco, Maine at Maine Dye & Textiles, in an extensive range of jewel tones, soft pastels, and warm neutrals. Spoiler Alert!! Here is a sneak peak of the garments and accessories we’ll have on display!

Afton is a scarf, born out of a desire to bedeck a simple, wearable shape with the intricate allover patterning of delicately textured lace and cable motifs. Designed with thoughtful details (a Tubular Cast On, broken rib hems, and flat cord selvedges) and written with instructions for working three widths, Afton is one to take on for the pure enjoyment of creating beautiful fabrics to wrap up in. Designed by Jared Flood, this sample is shown in colourway: Norway.

Boardwalk, designed by Heidi Kirrmaier.

Boardwalk, designed by Heidi Kirrmaier.

The Boardwalk pullover is designed to be a piece for all seasons. Boardwalk is a light and simple layering or standalone vest with just the right amount of architectural detail to delight the hands while knitting and catch the eye when wearing. Its mitered welt neck feature (which mirrors the hem and cap sleeves) is akin to the geometry of gently weathered decks, benches, and boardwalks — true and fond reminders of slow summer walk by the beach. Work this piece in Peerie for a strikingly crisp effect. Designed by Heidi Kirrmaier and shown in colourway: Henge.

The Loden shawl is worked in from the edge up with botanical motifs and openwork; this lace triangle is a formal garden of smocked stitches. The smocking rings a single stitch around its neighbors, gathering up clusters that also decrease the stitch count to achieve the shaping. Loden is active knitting that will require your full attention; there’s always something happening on right side rows, while wrong side rows let you catch your breath. Most of the charts are simple and easily memorizable, but the smocking stitches may involve an exciting maneuver you haven’t tried before. Designed by Irina Dmitrieva and show in colourway: Peony.

Lucerne, a fun colourwork hat by Jared Flood.

Lucerne, a fun colourwork hat by Jared Flood.

Lucerne is a hat: “minimalist yet bold with symmetrically-aligned pops of color inspired by Swiss Design”. Lucerne is an enjoyable and instructive guide for beginning adventures in colorwork. All stranded colorwork rounds are worked as 3-and-1 repeats — three stitches of one color, punctuated by one stitch in a contrast color. This consistent ratio aids in keeping even colorwork tension, with all floats being the same length throughout. The intuitive colorwork motif can be worked with as few as two colors or with as many as four. Download a Lucerne hat coloring page and start exploring your possibilities! Designed by Jared Flood, we have several combos to share with you:

  • Aquarium: a two colour combo in Fleet and Admiral;

  • Spice: a two colour combo in Cobbler and Cassis;

  • Stormwatch: a three colour combo in Porter, Driftwood and Henge;

  • Old Gold: a three colour combo in Burnished, Parchment and Klimt;

  • Grellow: a four colour combo in Nocturne, Morel, Tincture and Marigolds; and

  • Hygge: a four colour combo in Norway, Thaw, Rainier and Mesa.

More options for Lucerne. See how much fun you can have?

More options for Lucerne. See how much fun you can have?