Our favourite notions are back!

It's true, all you need in order to knit is two sticks and some string, but it's all the extra little doodads and gizmos that make crafting extra fun! We've just restocked a bunch of our handiest notions, and here's a guide to our favourites:

First off, highlighter tape! We could sing the praises of this fantastic stuff for days. Want to effortlessly keep track of your place in charts or complicated line-by-line instructions? Dream of leaving notes in the margins or highlighting sections of a pattern without actually marking up the pages? If so, highlighter tape is an indispensable tool. (Student tip: it's brilliant for textbooks, papers, and novels too!) You can highlight the relevant section in a pattern, underline your current row in a chart, write all over the tape, and then remove and replace it elsewhere once you're done - it won't leave any marks on the paper! 

At 1/2" (1.25cm) wide and 720" (18.2m) in length, it's a super versatile tool that we all use and love! Available now in fluorescent pink, yellow or orange.

Dropped a stitch? No sweat! These Fix-It tools made of durable bone have got you covered! One end is equipped with a crochet hook and the other with a knitting needle tip to make laddering up long columns of knit stitches a breeze! These handy tools are 5.5" (14 cm) long and come in two sizes: 5/F Crochet (3.75mm in metric!) and 8/H Crochet (5.0mm). 

Those bone tools are just the thing for stockinette or ribbing, but equipped with these brightly-coloured Fix-A-Stitch tools, you'll have no fear of dropped stitches in garter or seed stitch either! The fact that there is a hook on each end means that you can ladder up knits above purls above knits just as easily as fixing a column of normal stockinette. Unlike with a normal one-ended crochet hook, you'll never have to remove your hook from the fabric when fixing garter or seed stitch! Here's how it works: Just push the stick all the way through the fabric after pulling up a stitch with the hook on one end, and the other hook will grab the next float perfectly, effortlessly creating the "opposite" stitch on top. They come in two sets: a 3-pack contains one small, one medium, and one large Fix-A-Stitch tools, and the Lace pack comes with two extra-fine tools for wee stitches - perfect for socks and lace.

Speaking of socks, after you've spent hours upon hours knitting a pair, you'll definitely want to give them a special finishing touch, and there's nothing like a sweet, sweet blocking! The simple design of our favourite sock blockers with a hook at the top for hanging allows for maximum air flow, leading to faster drying. They are sold in pairs and come in small, medium (good for most ladies' sizes), and large (works for most men's socks!)

We know words can't always do justice to just how great these tools are, so if you can't quite picture how they are supposed to work, please come in for a visit and let us demonstrate! We are such fans of these fun gizmos and we love to show them off!